Refreshingly simple customer
AF Basic
Licencing Fee: One Time Payment
35.99 USD
  • Attendees & Timesheet
    Staffing Module
  • Leaves
    Leave Forms & listings
  • Salary Reports
    Monthly Salary Reports
  • Basic Attendance Calculation
    Biometric Device API not inclusive
  • Salary Advances
    Advance Forms & listings
  • Custom Splash Videos
    Upload Custom Log-in .gif videos
  • Mobile App
    Profile, Rules & Attendance Details
  • Leadership Board
    Performance Leadership Board Module
  • Dashboard
    Attendance Based Dashboard Graphs
  • Activity Log Notifications
    Notifications Module
  • Employee ID Card Printing
    ID Card Printing Module
  • Custom Templates
    Upload Business Templates
AF Plus
Licencing Fee: One Time Payment
100.00 USD
All Features in AF Basic +
  • Rotational Shift Allocation
    Open-shift Module
  • Borrowings
    Fines, Exp. Reimbursements & Loans
  • Earnings & Deductions
    Setup Yearly & Quarterly E&D
  • Document Handling
    Documents Module
  • Electronic Signature Processing
    Paperwork Module
  • AF Suit Desktop Application
    Software to Integrate Biometric Devices
  • Mobile App
    Application Forms & Paperwork Module
  • Delegate Role Management
    Restricted multi delegate login credentials
  • Multiple Offices & Outlets
    Setup multiple offices & outlets under it.
  • Generate Invoice
    Notepad & Generate Document Module
  • Custom Stamps
    Upload Official Stamps for Paperwork

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Answer: Follow the steps below:
1. Open Admin Panel from the Profile Picture dropdown.
2. Click the UPGRADE button in the Admin Panel Screen.
3. Choose your desired payment gateway and pay the licensing fee USD$ amount.
4. Click PAY.
5. Automate Firm transforms into AF Plus once your payment has been approved.

Answer: No
You only pay for the number of days a specific product has been active in the application, in that specific month’s billing. You can activate or deactivate products from the ‘MANAGE’ screen in the Admin Panel.
Follow the steps below:
1. Open Admin Panel from the Profile Picture dropdown.
2. Click the MANAGE button in the Admin Panel screen.
3. Active or deactivate the desired products from the Manage screen.(Subject to the 24-hour status change condition).
4. Click Save.

Answer: Yes.

The billing is calculated on the 3rd of every month. The SaaS rates on the 3rd of the respective month will be taken into account, when estimating monthly dues. You can find the latest SaaS rate card in the Admin Panel.

To view Rate Card, Follow the steps below

  1. Open Admin Panel from the Profile Picture dropdown.
  2. The left-hand side panel displays the latest SaaS monthly billing amount of each product

Answer: In most scenarios you won’t need to pay additional charges for your storage space.
Automate Firm works on cloud-based storage technology provided by AWS (Amazon Web Services), instead of linking the application to the user’s dedicated servers, so when users upload multiple documents to the cloud (especially from the Documents Module), they need to pay for the additional storage they use in the cloud. However, each account by default is provided with sufficient space to store database tables and images. The exact storage limit for each user cannot be specified, since the storage capacity is automatically scaled and expanded based on the traffic, by the application itself. Moreover, the ratio b/w total available space and a user’s consumption determines the storage SaaS rate per GB (real-time calculation).

Answer: No
Please note: Automate Firm is not a supplier or distributor of any kind of hardware.
The application only supports the software of a few hardware brands which are mentioned on the cart screen.
To view list of supported brands, follow the steps below:
1. Open Cart from the Profile Picture dropdown.
2. Click the eye icon button of a specific hardware.
3. A pop-up lists the supported brands.
If your brandor model is not listed in the cart and you wish to integrate your hardware into the application:
Follow the steps below:
1. Open Admin Panel from the Profile Picture dropdown.
2. Fill out the Custom Function Request Form.
3. Attach details regarding your hardware, such as the brand, model and other relevant documents.
4. Click Send.
5. Our customer service executive will contact you in two to three business days.

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